You are a special task force unit that has been called in to investigate a missing person’s case. About a year ago, Dahlia Ward went missing, after a time, her body was found. She had been brutally murdered! We suspected foul play on the part of the police, nothing ever came of our suspicion, so it was case closed. After dealing with such a horrible situation, Dahlia’s sister, Emma Ward, was very upset. She started to hang out with the wrong crowd, trying to fill the void that was now a part of her.

She went missing a week ago and it’s your job to figure out what has happened to her. Do you think that your team can crack the case and bring justice to Emma and her sister, Dahlia?

$20 +HST / person (For groups of 3-6)
$25 +HST / person (For groups of 2)

Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium


You have been wrongfully convicted and thrown into jail. When a jail riot beings, Warden Samson must quickly leave his office. Now is your chance to beat the odds and escape from your cell. You will have to work together to find a way to sneak through two escape rooms, while avoiding detection and cracking the code within an allotted sixty minutes!

If your team thinks they have what it takes to escape from jail, we encourage you to give Jail Break a try!

$20 +HST / person (For groups of 3-6)
$25 +HST / person (For groups of 2)

Note: this room offers minimal lighting.
Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium


Forty sailors, leaving the Port of Southhampton, England, to embark on a voyage around the world run into trouble near the Canary Islands and are overrun by pirates! A number of loyal sailors are locked in the Captain’s quarters. The rest have abandoned ship and have joined the ranks of the pirates.

Your quest, if you so choose, is to escape from the Captain’s Quarters, make it to the upper deck and reclaim the ship!

$20 +HST / person (For groups of 3-6)

Room may require ability to climb or use steps.
Difficulty Level: Hard


Many years ago, a devastating landslide destroyed and covered a small town of Whitby. After many excavation efforts, their small school still remained to be found, leaving many devastated parents without their little ones. With time, people moved on and the tragic event was all but forgotten.

Forty years later, a mining group, searching for coal, stumbled upon a small chamber underground and immediately realized what they had discovered. As they continued to explore its confines, they found that the room was full of children's toys, but no remains were ever found. Many teams have tried to uncover the mysteries of the chamber, but have been lost to its secrets.

Rumour has it that once you enter the walls of the chamber, you will never be the same.

Can your team uncover what has happened to the children and escape before your time runs out? Or will you face the fate of those who ventured the depths before you?

$20 +HST / person (For groups of 3-4)
$25 +HST / person (For groups of 2)

Note: this room offers minimal lighting.
Difficulty Level: Hard


Your crazy boss has really gone off his rocker this time! He has left you a slew of strange tasks to complete before you can punch out for the day. You and your co-workers have to pull together to finish these tasks before you are fired!

$20 + per person
(Minimum 4 people, Maximum 12 people)

Difficulty Level: Hard.

Must be accompanied by an adult, room is difficult and is not recommended for groups under 16 years of age



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